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There are 5 Departments that have Home Study Programs.

By knowing the focus of each departments Home Study will help you know which one is best for YOU  to start with.

IPM (Inner Peace Movement) These 13 Home Study Programs are the most extensive.  They help you find balance  between your head and heart, or intellect and feelings. It also helps you understand your personality and why you are so different and how to relate to your inner guidance / spiritual helpers.  In these 13 Home Studies there is much information to help you understand spirituality and answer many questions you may have had your whole life.

Astro Soul  These 7 Home Study Programs  are advanced and take you much deeper on your journey of understanding yourself. These require a greater willingness to find answers to your life and of course make available to you greater reward.  If you are  new to the world of spirituality then this is not the department for you.  If you have been working on your spirituality  either on your own or with another organisation then you will love this department.

GET  (Growing Executives of Tomorrow)  These 4 Home Study Programs are ideal for teenagers and executives.  You are taken on a journey of understanding communication from the very simple elements to the most advance levels which many people are never taught. Understanding all these levels of communication enhances your interactions with others for fruitful outcomes.  The four programs cover areas like motives, honesty, teamwork, success and ensuring you know how to build on that success and much more.

PMM  (Profound Mystical Meditation)  These 4 Home Study Programs help you understand and work with energy and through understanding takes the mysticism out of the spiritual journey. You will learn how to meditate while in action which you can use continually to remain calm and centred, regardless of what is going on around you.

WSC  (Wayshowers College)  These 4 Home Study Programs give you a big picture of spirituality and your journey, covering many spiritual truths  that underlie our spiritual evolution. In the fourth program you will understand how you specifically fit with society.

You may start with any of the departments, however, we recommend that you work through the programs in order of year since each year builds on the understanding you have gained from the previous years programs.

You can work through Inner Peace Movement Year 1 or Growing Executives of Tomorrow (GET) Year 1  without having had your   Orientation Profile ,    however, Year 2 onwards in these two departments  you need to have had the Orientation Profile. You need  to have the Orientation Profile for Year 1 onwards for the other three departments.

You may move through each Year as fast or slow as you wish, that is up to you.

If you choose to move through them fast then ensure you still do the exercises, with sincerity, over at least a few days otherwise it will become an intellectual exercise instead of an advancement of spiritual consciousness.

You may purchase as many years at one time as you wish.

Click here to read two samples from two Home Study Programs.

It won’t be long before all of the Home Study Programs have been digitised and they will be added as they become available.