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The first Home Study Program to start with is the Growing Executives Of Tomorrow Year 1 Volume 1.

This is under the Department of Operation Action and helps us enhance our communication skills whether we are a teenager or a corporate executive.

Getting these skills clear at the beginning will ensure you get so much more out of the complete Home Study Program.

The next Home Study Program to participate in, after The GET HSP Year 1, is Inner Peace Movement (IPM) Home Study Program (HSP) Year 1 Volume 1.

This completes the foundation on which all the other Home Study Programs are built so it is important to focus on this one after the GET HSP Year 1. Once you have completed IPM HSP Year 1 you may then venture onto Year 1 of any other department (These will be available soon).

We recommend that you work through the programs in order of year since each year builds on the understanding you have gained from the previous years programs.

You may move through each Year as fast or slow as you wish, that is up to you.

If you choose to move through them fast then ensure you still do the exercises, with sincerity, over at least a few days otherwise it will become an intellectual exercise instead of an advancement of spiritual consciousness.

You may purchase as many years at one time as you wish.

Click here to read a sample from a Home Study Program.

There are many more Home Study Programs being digitised as we speak and will be added as they become available.