Astro Soul Home Study Program Year 1

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Astro Soul Home Study Program Year 1


You must discover for yourself why you came to planet earth. Your reasons for being here will establish for you your life’s purpose at this moment here on planet earth. You will then understand the job that you have come here to do and can organise yourself to effectively accomplish your purpose.

This program requires that you complete the Orientation Profile at some point within the first 2 lessons.
This Orientation profile may be done online if unable to do in person. See Private Consultations Tab

In this 12 Lesson Program these are the areas you will delve into and explore for yourself

Your Purpose
Attaining Goals
Your Opportunity
Indulging in Moral Issues
Command Of Yourself
Your Life Force
Your Communication
Creating An Image
Neutralising Yourself
Commitment to Yourself
Your Personal Timing
Your Total Picture
The Feeling and Prophetic Part Of You
Involvement In Life
Actions and Reactions
Changing Your Situation
Being of Service
Growing Step By Step
Sharing Your Wisdom
Five Spiritual Qualities
Expanding Your Boundaries
Taking Care of Business
Setting Boundaries With Children
The Will to Accomplish
Clarifying Life Direction
Seeking For A Better Way
Faith and Devotion
You Learn From Experience
Learning New Skills
Learning The Easiest Way or The Hard Way
Flexibility And Change
Personal Commitment
Commitments Outside Of Yourself
Involvements With Others
Contracts With Others
How Do We Make Moral Commitments With Others
Thoughts Are The source Of Your Creation
Your Responsibility To Yourself