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Discover Your True Identity Leadership Training Manual

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This manual serves as a handbook for the eight week Group Dynamics Discovery Course to be used as a supplement to the book, “Discovering Your True Identity.” This series of leadership training sessions is designed to open the doors of the unconscious mind and to help man understand himself, his fellow man and his universe.

In this eight weeks of training, you will be learning more about leadership and relating more effectively with others. What are the qualities of a dynamic leader and how can they be unfolded?



  1. Self-confident, decisive and dynamic
  2. Respect and love yourself and others
  3. Sincere, flexible and without limiting boundaries
  4. Use inner guidance
  5. Aware of your own feelings and motivations
  6. Have an inner joy and sense of humour
  7. Calm, cool and collected
  8. Aggressive or passive at the appropriate times
  9. Balanced in your conscious (thinking) mind and unconscious (feeling) mind
  10. Make suggestions to others but do not make their decisions


  1. Loyal to yourself rather than to external things
  2. Do not become emotionally involved in other people’s problems
  3. Stay spiritually and materially compact
  4. Perceptive, balanced and patient
  5. Non-judgmental for there are no mistakes, only stepping stones
  6. Stay spiritually cleansed
  7. Have empathy and feeling for others
  8. Aware that all things are a means to an end rather than an end in themselves
  9. Firm but fair and gentle when others around you are growing
  10. Live a breath at a time