As the father of a beautiful daughter and also a business owner, John has been working with his Sixth Sense and learning more about it all of his life. In the mid eighties John started teaching others how to also connect with and develop their Sixth Sense which is also called ESP.

In June 2003 John had a very serious car accident which the Doctors did not expected him to survive. Two and half days after the accident John walked out of the hospital.   Watch his story here.     John realised that the trust he had developed in himself and following those hunches and inspirations was the major factor which helped him heal himself so quickly.

John is passionate about sharing the importance of trusting ourselves, listening to our Intuition and inner guidance and not talking ourselves out of those little inspirations and ideas that make life easier and smoother.

“This is something we can all do. Everyone has these psychic gifts to use for the small everyday events and also life’s challenges” says John Shortell. “Our psychic nature can help us direct and protect ourselves to allow our instincts and 1st impressions to work for us. We can all learn to use these most natural of talents to find our fulfilment and solutions”, says John,

“I believe we all have ESP and that we can develop it and have it be practical in our every day lives.”

“If we learn to relax and listen, the stress of our worries dissolves and our enthusiasm for life ignites again. Our relationships can deepen, our business can revitalise, and life in general can become more balanced when we pay attention to our intuition and use it as a practical tool for fact-finding and making decisions.”

John conducts Inner Peace Movement® Programs around the world on “Trusting Ourselves and Our Inspirations.” and Astro Soul ® Programs on “Understanding Reincarnation and Who I Really Am and What I Am Really Here For…”

These seminars include practical techniques for connecting more clearly with one’s own psychic nature and gaining a deeper feeling of trust in ones self.

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