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I am John Shortell and thank you for coming to this page. On this page is a brief description of the programs I usually present.

You can now view a brief introductory Lecture on my “Our Story” page.

The video of “The Man and The Universe” Introductory Lecture gives you plenty of information and if it sounds interesting and you want to know more you can get involved with the Home Study Program which is very powerful or if you want me to come to your town then get in touch with me via the Contact Us page.

Even though we are restricted with movement now I am working on visiting places once the restrictions are lifted. So let me know if you want me to come and do some workshops and program in your town 🙂

I, John Shortell, survived a car accident that I was not expected to survive, through using what I learnt in this program I was able to walk out of the hospital 3 days later…

I am excited to share with you what has worked for me in my life with the idea that you too can live with less stress and be empowered with finding your own answers which will lead to you believing in yourself and creating your own future…

The Orientation Lecture “Creating Inner Peace” is also called “Man and the Universe.” If you go to “Our Story” you will hear the information from the lecture… only it is minus the stories.

These are the first three steps towards inner peace.

Step One is the Orientation Lecture “Creating Inner Peace” and also called “Man and the Universe”. This gives you the big picture of your life helping answer questions like “Where have I come from?”, “Where and I going?”, “Why am I here?” You also learn that you can connect with your intuition & inner guidance or some call it your team of spiritual helpers (angels).

Step Two is the workshop “Experiencing Inner Peace”. This workshop is full of great techniques which help you unfold your ESP (sixth sense) and intuition and support you with your spiritual awakening. Many of you are sensitive and things may have happened in your past that may have caused you to be cautious of your sensitivity. It is through understanding, that fear and concerns disappear. During the workshop you will feel more secure and more “connected” than you have ever felt in the past, a really wonderful experience.

Step Three is a community study group of techniques, meditation, and exploring spiritual topics to understand yourself better. We ensure that the study group meeting times work for everyone.

Step Two and Three and not possible at the moment due to isolation criteria.

We have however a wonderful program that is designed to take the place of groups whenever there are insufficient people for a group to start. This means those wanting to further their understanding of themselves and the world around them are not held back when no groups are available for them to join.

This wonderful program is called the Home Study Program.

Would you like John to speak in your town?

Contact us for more details on how to have John present an Orientation lecture in your town.