Departments of Study

The Wayshowers College

One of the first colleges in the world that will help you clarify your spiritual life from birth to death and understand what you have come to accomplish on planet earth.

The College is designed to give people the opportunity to learn more about themselves. That is the uniqueness of The College. It provides an environment where you can discover more about who you are, where you came from and where you are going without becoming indoctrinated by dogma. It is a college of experience.

The common denominator among people who attend our courses is their sincere interest in realising their purpose in life. Our courses and programs can help you learn to understand your true feelings about yourself, the people around you and the reality of your own life in relation to the universe.

The College courses are directed toward helping you realise that you are a soul with an important role in life. In The College emphasis is not on your social status, occupation or educational background, but rather on how much you want to grow spiritually and find inner direction in your life.

The College is an institution of higher learning dedicated to providing you with the most practical courses, techniques and community programs available. We provide highly professional standards, ethics and training to spiritual educators around the world.

Spiritual evolution is a personal matter. The College is built upon respect for the many different means of experiencing spiritual growth. A principal mission is to enhance the individual’s spiritual search by providing tools and techniques which enable the individual to discover his/her own truth without sacrificing the traditions and beliefs of the past.

Below are listed the departments within The College. Usually people come initially through the Department of Inner Peace Movement.

I, John Shortell, am trained by The College and have been working with and teaching this material in many countries around the world since 1987.

I am an independent contracted Instructor conducting The College’s programs.

My business is called Enjoy Inner Peace.

Inner Peace Movement

A program that helps you learn more about yourself and the universe in which you live.

In Inner Peace Movement Department you will

  • Become aware of your life purpose.
  • Learn how to more effectively direct your energy to accomplish your goals.
  • Find a balance between your intellect and feelings.
  • Learn how to use your spiritual gifts of intuition, vision, prophecy and feeling.
  • Realise a deeper sense of happiness, contentment and fulfilment.
  • Learn how to define your spiritual and material goals.
  • Discover ways to more effectively communicate with your Spiritual Helpers and those around you.

Astro Soul®

Throughout the ages people have been searching for a deeper meaning to life without the influence of theology, dogma or religion. Astro Soul will help find that deeper meaning. Astro Soul is an in-depth, comprehensive program that will help you

  • Understand the relevance of Past Lifetimes to this Lifetime
  • Unfold a deeper working relationship with your Spirit Guides
  • Develop your metaphysical sensitivity
  • Participate in in-depth healing sessions

Astro Soul is not for everyone. However if you are in a phase of your life where you want to make a sincere commitment to your spiritual unfoldment, then Astro Soul is for you. It is for the individual who is ready for “Soul Business”

Profound Mystical Meditation

Experience Profound Mystical Meditation, your innovative gateway to the fascinating world of stress free, affluent living.

Profound Mystical Meditation for the Western Society™ is a comprehensive community program that will change your life. This innovative program will give you an overview of your life purpose and ways your mystical higher self can provide insights and inner understanding of your beingness as a soul here on Planet Earth.

Learn to tap into your Inner calm to create a relaxing confident sense of tranquillity. Experience stress dissolving in your life. Discover the deeper realities of your relationships with your inner guidance, family, and friends.

Operation Action

Operation Action Department has two parts to it:​

  1. Business World, designed for everyone in business to increase your ability to be of service.
  2. Growing Executives of Tomorrow (GET) is an educational organisation offering positive alternatives and direction for young people between the ages of 12 and 28.

Life becomes a creative challenge as you discover how you fit into the structure of society.

  • By working with your true feelings, you learn to be a doer.
  • You realise that each person’s uniqueness can be used in teamwork to accomplish a common goal.
  • You begin to see everyone as a unique and special person.
  • You direct your energy in a constructive and positive way by taking responsibility to handle any situation that will arise.
  • You discern your own direction in life which gives you a sense of maturity, decisiveness and the ability to inspire others.

Religion & Philosophy and PCC

The Department of Religion and Philosophy clarifies man’s religious and philosophical concepts in relation to his Spiritual Reality.

“If a man worships a stone and you take it away from him, he has nothing. It is better you help him expand his understanding so that one day he may release the stone when he sees a better way for himself.”

Francisco Coll, Founder of The College

The Department of Religion and Philosophy is open to all people of all beliefs who desire to grow spiritually in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect for all mankind.

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