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You may be very sensitive and already working in the Spiritual healing arts … our programs cater for brand-new searchers as well as those who are already advanced in their spiritual practices and maybe looking to refine their skills further.

Read the detailed descriptions below and contact me for your private one-on-one consultation. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. I now also do these profiles via Zoom. There is a minimal extra charge of $20 to cover postage and handling, which will need to be added onto the prices below.

The information I learned from my Orientation Profile has made an incredible difference in my personal relationships and professional career. If you do nothing else, be sure that you experience the Orientation Profile, and at least the Home Study Programs.

The Orientation Profile is the first session of self-unfoldment to explore. It is a one-hour appointment.

  • Learn how to get Yes/No answers from your Spiritual Helpers.
  • Learn how to follow up these Yes/No answers with a series of questions designed to have your Spiritual Helpers give you more detailed information.
  • You will discover that you are never alone.
  • You will experience your Spiritual Helpers being close to you sharing love and support.
  • Learn how to develop teamwork with your Spiritual Helpers whether at home, work, or out in society.
  • This two-way communication technique with your Spiritual team is very practical and useful.
  • Discover how much of your Life Force is working for you in a Positive manner, and how much may be Negative, or Indecisive.
  • This will indicate the degree to which you are either “working hard” or “flowing smoothly” with your life.

And more…

Everyone has a “Sixth Sense”. This can also be known as different avenues of perception, spiritual sensitivity, intuition, or being psychic. We can have up to 50 of these psychic suggestions or impressions each day, but many times overlook them or are not sure how to interpret them. This can lead to undue pressure or missed opportunities. Have you ever heard yourself say “I picked up that I needed to do xyz this morning and I wished I had taken notice and acted”?

There are four different types of these Sixth Sense impressions. Vision (clairvoyant), Intuition (clairaudient), Feeling (sensation), or Prophecy (inner knowing). In this private session you will discover what specific order you have these in – and most importantly, your primary avenue of perception and how it can be used effectively.

You will also learn how to work with and understand your Inner Guidance (Spiritual Helpers). Many times we need to make decisions in our lives but are unsure of the appropriate direction to take. Our Inner Guidance is there to help with this process. Their purpose is to share helpful insights, but not make the decision for us.

Just imagine for a moment……What would it mean to you:

  • To more effectively understand your hunches and first impressions?
  • To effectively communicate with your team of Spiritual Helpers so they can help guide you?

This private session can be a major turning point in your life and will start removing uncertainty around your life purpose.

All pricing on this site is in Australian currency.

Orientation Profile Consultation – #1001

Most importantly, you will learn a technique that enables you to communicate directly with your Angels (Spiritual Helpers). This tool cuts through your indecision and self doubt, giving you clear, direct communication with Spirit. You’ll discover what your psychic gift order is. When you know your first gift, it helps you understand why you do things differently to other people around you.

You’ll discover the strength of your aura/energy field at this time. The degree of positive, negative and indecisive energy in your aura will be indicated. You will receive advice on how you can increase your positive vibration. You’ll learn how many spirit guides are with you, and how they connect with you!

Duration: 1hr
Cost: $110

The Blockage Discovery Consultation – #1002-A

A powerful way to identify the number one blockage area that’s holding you back right now.
A blockage is a concept and behaviour pattern that works against you. Generally, blockages are picked up in your first 7 years – it’s not the real you. If you feel that something’s not quite right with you, or you’re feeling stuck or hitting brick walls, this session is an excellent way to release that blockage area.

Your consultant will show you the pattern that’s occurring so you can see it for what it is – just a not-so-good habit. Then, we’ll spend time working on your solutions and how you are going to integrate a more positive pattern into your life.

Duration: 1hr
Pre-requisite: Orientation Profile (1001)
Cost: $110

The Percentage of Balance in the Glandular System Consultation – #1003-A

Heals your chakras by helping you be aware of the concepts and attitudes you carry that block the flow of energy within you spiritually and physically. Discover the exact percentage of energy flowing through each of your 7 chakras, so you have the big picture of where you are at, and what needs to shift.

Then, you’ll experience a powerful healing technique to balance all 7 of your chakra centers instantly. Feel healthy, vibrant and energized. Finally, we’ll take an in depth look at the one chakra that is causing you the most pressure at this time, so you can work on the solutions to shift that pressure out of your life.

Duration: 1hr
Pre-requisite: 1001, 1002A
Cost: $110

The Inner Guidance and My Spiritual Thrust Consultation – #7004

Tells you all about your angels! Each of your angels has a personality and a particular area of expertise. You’ll discover who they were in their most recent incarnation including where they lived, what their occupation was, and most importantly what they are helping you with.

You’ll also discover your spiritual thrust which is your personal phrase or sentence which encapsulates your spiritual purpose – the energy that you’ve come to express. See how you can live your spiritual thrust even more – to be more successful in anything you do.

Duration: 1.5 – 2hrs
Pre-requisite: Orientation Profile (1001)
Cost: $200

Orientation Profile Swing Update – #1001-S

This profile is highly recommended for anyone who had their Orientation Profile more than six months ago. Discover how much you have unfolded each of your four spiritual gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling and whether each gift is stable or unstable (swinging). If a gift is unstable, it means you have pressure in that area. Discover a concept or habit which is pressuring you in one of your gifts. Replace this habit with a positive solution.

See your progress for yourself! Update your percentages of spiritual energy, and discover if there are extra guides backing you at this time.

Duration: 1hr
Pre-requisite: 1001
Cost: $130

Depth Therapy Consultation – #1003-B

Gain a deeper understanding of how the energy is flowing through your seven chakra centers and where the pressure lies.

You’ll receive an in depth therapy that will tap areas of your unconscious to release pressure in one of your chakra centers. You’ll be amazed at the insights you will receive from this profile.

Duration: 1hr
Pre-requisite: 1001, 1002A, 1003A
Cost: $130

Policies and Procedures of Life Consultation – #1002-B

In this session, you learn to discern the Real You; your true feelings from the concepts that you learned from your upbringing that no longer serve you.

Discover your policies; your spiritual pivot point for this lifetime. Learn your key procedures; the key actions to take for how to live your purpose and policies.

You may be unknowingly living the policies and procedures of the people who raised you. Learn how to detach from the programming that is not yours and learn how you can live your OWN procedures so you can be fully present and living your own life purpose – no one else’s!

Duration: 1hr
Pre-requisite: 1001, 1002A
Cost: $140

The Chakras Depth Chart Consultation – #1003-C

Gain a full picture of where the imbalances occur in your chakra and how much each gland swings up or down. You’ll receive a therapy that goes deeply into one of your chakras that most needs healing to reveal the subconscious concepts and attitudes that have been limiting you. Find positive solutions and gain immense healing both physically and spiritually.

Duration: 1.5hrs
Pre-requisite: 1001, 1002A, 1003A, 1003B
Cost: $140

Balance of Thought and Feeling Consultation – #1004

This profile is a comprehensive healing of all four of your spiritual gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling.

No matter what your gift order is, you can be affected by the out-of-balance aspects of all four gifts. Discover the balanced qualities that are your real strengths, and heal any out-of-balance tendencies that are not serving you. This will help you to move past bad habits that get you tense and emotional to living with more joy and freedom.

This profile is given in two parts.

Duration: 1.5hrs for each part
Pre-requisite: 1001, 1002A, 1003A, 1003B, 1003C
Cost: $165 each part

Universal Energy Chart – #2001

Release outside pressure and confusion that has been affecting you in subtle ways. You may not have realised that the pressure that you feel is not you.

Heal confusion that could have been around you for many lifetimes. You will extract this pressure from your aura and strengthen your buffer zone. You will be astonished at how light and free you feel as a result of this powerful healing.

Duration: 1.5hrs
Pre-requisite: 1001, 1002A, 1003A, 1003B, 1003C, 1004 (part 1 & 2)
Cost: $140

Concepts We Have About Ourselves – #7009-G

Gain a complete picture of 8 key areas of your spiritual growth and evolvement this lifetime. Gain a spiritual “check up” of how well you are doing in these 8 areas, and where there is pressure that is holding you back from full embracing your life purpose. These 8 key areas include how loyal you are to yourself, how much you are fulfilling your responsibility to your life purpose and how spiritually organised you are.

Duration: 1hr
Cost: $130

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