Our Story

A simple message from a sensitive man with extraordinary concern for himself and mankind.

“You are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul”

Dr. Francisco Coll
Founder of Americana Leadership College

Over his lifetime, Dr. Francisco Coll, founder of Wayshowers College (formerly Americana Leadership College), refined the message and developed tools and techniques that could be passed on to others.  Dr Francisco Coll also trained educators like John Shortell and designed the programs that would carry Spirit’s message to the world.

These are the symbols that came to Dr Coll as a means of answering:

  • Where do we come from
  • Why are we here on earth?

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Extra Sensory Perception

The Real You

The stick man figure in the centre of the chart is a symbol of the real you: a soul with a body. The body is part of the earth and serves as your vehicle while you are here. You are here to learn about yourself and to expand your spiritual part.

Above your head is a circle that represents your real life force. This little halo is the symbol of your intelligent part. We can think of it as an intelligent vibration or intelligent energy. Let’s call this vibration “light.” Science tells us that every human being is equivalent to about four watts of power. This energy is measured in your body by British thermal units, or heat, and it keeps the cells of your body together. When you see a cadaver, or dead person, three things are missing from that body–the heat, the intelligent part, and this power or energy.

The connection between this intelligent part and your physical body is known as the “silver cord.” The energy flows from the intelligent part or soul and feeds energy to the body. The real you is the sum total of every thought and feeling you have gathered together through eons of time. Within you is an amazing reservoir of wisdom waiting to be tapped. The College community group work is packed full of techniques that will stimulate experiences to re-awaken the part of you that knows who and what you really are.

Your Real Home

Your body is made up of the things of earth right now, but the real you, the soul, is part of the Universe, the All, or as described by religion, God (symbolized by the solar system on the chart). Whatever you call it, you can learn to consciously tap into it and use the wisdom to enrich your daily life.

The moment a person finishes their job here on earth, or when a person becomes so confused that they destroy their body, the connection between the soul and the physical body is severed. When you pass on, your body remains here and goes back to dust because it is composed of the things of planet earth.

Your soul, the real you, will leave the earth because the law of gravity cannot keep it here anymore. The soul or intelligent vibration no longer has a physical body to serve as an anchor, so it moves out and returns to the universe or the All.

The person of science calls it the universe or the cosmos, while the religious person calls it God. No matter what you call it, you are one with it. There is no separation. The only separation we have is the one we think we have. Once you understand that your physical body cannot exist without oxygen, the rays of the sun, the vegetation, or the pressures of the universe, you’ll realise you are the total component of all things. Religion says you are the expression of God, and science says you are the total component of the universe.

Thought and Feeling: Maintaining Balance

Man has two natures–intellect and feeling. In this figure the top half of the circle represents the intellect, and the lower half represents feeling. The intellectual nature wants to know and understand the world around it, and the feeling nature wants to be part of things. =

The intellectual nature is the analysing, dissecting, proving part of you. It is like the steering wheel of your car. Its purpose is to provide direction in your life. The feeling nature is like the engine of your car. Your feeling nature is where the real power lies. Without power you’re not going anywhere.

We need both the steering (intellect) and the power (feeling) in order to move with direction. If we do a lot of thinking, but fail to put our ideas into action, we are just daydreamers. On the other hand, if we act without thinking about what we’re doing, we just go in circles. We are without any real direction. Either way, we’re out of balance and no good to ourselves or anyone else. In fact, we may become problems for other people.

We need to have balance between the intellect and feelings. In this way we have a thought for every feeling and a feeling for every thought. This brings purpose and balance to our lives.

Messengers of the Universe

Imagine tapping a source of wisdom that can advise you on critical decisions and assist you with your timing. You can! How would your life improve if at any time, any place, you could communicate with wise advisers whose love for you was unconditional and whose resource was the Wisdom of the Universe?

The three halos above the stick figure represent entities who are your personal spiritual guidance. These highly evolved souls are here to back you in mastering the lessons you chose for yourself while here on earth. These spiritual helpers are known by many names: Guides, Angels, The Comforter, Holy Spirit, Archetypes, Ascended Masters, etc. They are not holy, they are whole. They are one with all things. On behalf of their own desire to grow and to better themselves, they are the messengers of the universe. Their purpose is to free their spiritual brothers and sisters from the bondage of ignorance.

The College trains and certifies consultants to administer the Orientation Profile: a one hour one-on-one consultation that passes on to you the techniques and knowledge you need to clearly communicate with your spiritual guidance. Our weekly group meetings provide a means of refining this ability.

Spiritual Gifts or Types of Perception

Without eyes you can see. Without ears you can hear. Without a physical body you can feel.

There is the intuitive person who will pick up a thought and hear it. The intuitive is sometimes considered to be “mental”. Understanding is very important to this type.

There is the visionary who will pick up a thought and see it. This type sees visions, symbols, colours, etc. in the mind’s eye transforming the thought into an image. The visionary is sometimes considered to be clairvoyant.

There is the prophetic person who receives a thought as a knowing. This type quickly grasps the “total” concept or idea and has no interest in breaking it down intellectually. The prophetic is usually sensitive to precognition and their hunches, dreams and knowings have much to do not only with the future or the present, but how it affects others.

There is the one who picks up a thought and translates it into a feeling. This individual’s whole response to life depends upon how it feels to him. The feeling type’s sense of touch is extremely well-developed and he/she can feel (sense) what other people are feeling.

Each of us lives primarily by one of these personality types and partially by the other three. Once we understand this, we can begin to understand ourselves and those around us to a greater extent. There is an expanded explanation of how these primary personality types function in Dr. Coll’s book, “Man and the Universe.”





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