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Create Your Destiny Meditation Booklet


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And you will know the truth, and that very truth will make you free.

John 8:32

Have you ever had something bothering you, but you could not put your finger on what it was? As long as you kept trying to figure it out, no answer would come. But if you forgot about it and relaxed, very often the whole solution would flash into your mind. These insights come when you relax so your guidance can communicate with you.

Are you beginning to realize how valuable it is to be aware of your guidance and how they can help you understand your life’s experiences? If you do not understand your experiences, you will feel fear. When you take the time to see what you can learn from your experiences, you are finding your truth and setting yourself free.

True freedom is understanding your experiences and your feelings. If you take the time to cleanse and tune in, your guidance will help you know the answers that are right for you. Then you are free because you no longer have to rely on other people for your answers.

This Meditation book is design to help you develop your sensitivity and tune into messages from your Spiritual Helpers

Simply open up at a random page and use the message to help you through your day, or alternatively you could work through the book page by page over 30 days.

The Chapters are:

The Value Of Inner Guidance

Growth Is A Way Of Life

Unfolding Your Universe

Live A Positive Life

You Are Love

Your Life Is Important

Experience Is The Best Teacher