Dynamics Of Astro Soul

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Dynamics Of Astro Soul

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This ebook will help you understand life from a perspective not previously available.

You will learn how you trip up in life and learn solutions that you can begin to implement and explore.

“Astro Soul is the exploration into the fifth dimension and the unconscious mind. In Astro-Soul you move from the dimension of space time to light time, travelling as a free agent at the speed of light. Without eyes you can see, without ears you can hear and without a physical body you can feel. You will soon realise that life on planet earth is but the blinking of an eye in the time span of eternity.”  Each chapter of this book is a deeper exploration into Astro-Soul:

  • Chapter 1 – What is Astro Soul
  • Chapter 2 –  Patience and Spiritual Growth
  • Chapter 3 – The Four Zones of Consciousness
  • Chapter 4 – Enslavements of the Soul
  • Chapter 5 – Spiritual Success
  • Chapter 6 – You are the Universe