IPM HSP Year 1 Vol 1

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IPM HSP Year 1 Vol 1


A leader is one who understands himself. When you know yourself you are capable of leadership. It is then you realise that what you find within yourself, you will find in others, and what you find in others, you have within yourself.

The purpose of these Lessons is to free people. It is only through self understanding that individuals can put direction into their own lives. You are the only person who can develop your potential, so why not learn how to find the full richness in life.

This is the second Home Study Program we recommend for you after the first one being GET Year 1.

This Home Study Program helps you with

  • Finding a balance in your life
  • Learn to release judging, belittling and denying ourselves
  • Goal setting
  • Finding what you really want
  • Becoming more relaxed
  • Understanding our head and our hearts
  • Authority
  • Making decisions
  • Having the right timing
  • Loyalty to yourself
  • Being kind to yourself
  • Feelings of greater than and lesser than
  • Likes and dislikes
  • The importance of respect in our society
  • and so much more…..