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The Department Inner Peace Movement® is the foundation. This is where most people begin their journey.

IPM has community programs and advanced courses for program participants.

The Inner Peace Movement® programs are groups of people who have the common bond of wanting to grow spiritually without dogma, theology or a figure head directing and overseeing their growth.

All groups are autonomous. The groups meet weekly. Groups begin with an Orientation Lecture and then a workshop, techniques for personal expansion, personal profiles and courses from the College.

Man and the Universe™ Orientation Lecture™

Where we all started. The Orientation Lecture is a 1.5 hour program that explains our relationship to the Universe, our fellow man and our true nature.

Our Story gives a brief summary of the lecture.

Exploring Inner Dynamics Workshop™

Designed to expand upon the information presented in the Orientation Lecture and to add depth through offering techniques that allow the participant to experience for themselves the concepts presented in the lecture.

Group Dynamics™

The weekly discover groups are The Watering Hole for our spiritual thirst and as such are one of the most important parts of what we do. In these groups you learn about yourself and can then practice during the week and each week you are always working on the next thing that you need to unfold and master for a life of inner peace.

Weekly group meetings continue to add to the participants knowledge and experience base by presenting new concepts and techniques in a consistently expanding manner.

Learn more about the Group Structure details.

Professional Profiles

A Professional Profile is also called Personal Profile or a Private Consultation.

Our unique method of tapping inner guidance to be of service eliminates guess work. In all profiles, the consultant’s Guidance work with the client’s Guidance and that information is passed on to the consultant. These profiles are not readings. They are tools to be used to expand your understanding of your true nature and to expand your ability to tap your inner universe.


The College courses are accelerated growth at its finest. The courses accelerate , consolidate and regroup the experiences one gains from group participation.

Within The Inner Peace Movement Department there are over 120 courses available on many spiritual topics.

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