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In The Department Profound Mystical Mediation you will experience stress dissolving in your life.

There is no greater feeling than the fulfilling serenity of guiding self/people to find and bask in their own “Sea of Tranquillity.” Expanding on the great eastern techniques for meditation and inner awareness, a Profound Mystical Meditation participant will become skilled in maintaining balance and in using their mystical sensitivity of intuitive, visual, knowing and feeling perceptions.

You will learn how to create a daily routine of gaining valuable insights into your progress as a soul living in two worlds at once. This Meditation in Action discipline is empowering and fun. Participating and facilitating in PMM will settle you, lift you to new personal heights and inspire you to be a walking ocean of inner tranquillity!

PMM Orientation Lecture™

The Orientation Lecture is a 1.5 hour program that explains our relationship to the Universe, our fellow man and our true nature.

Tranquillity and Accomplishment Program™

Designed to expand upon the information presented in the Orientation Lecture and to add depth through offering techniques that allow the participant to experience for themselves the concepts presented in the lecture.

Group Dynamics™

The watering hole: Weekly group meetings continue to add to the participants knowledge and experience base by presenting new concepts and techniques in a consistently expanding manner.

Learn more about the Group Structure details.

Professional Profiles

A Professional Profile is also called Personal Profile or a Private Consultation.

Our unique method of tapping inner guidance to be of service eliminates guess work. In all profiles, the consultant’s Guidance work with the client’s Guidance and that information is passed on to the consultant. These profiles are not readings. They are tools to be used to expand your understanding of your true nature and to expand your ability to tap your inner universe.


The College courses are accelerated growth at its finest. The courses accelerate , consolidate and regroup the experiences one gains from group participation.

Within The Profound Mystical Meditation Department there are over 80 courses available on many spiritual topics.

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