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 I am John Shortell and thank you for coming to this page.  On this page is a brief description of the programs I am presenting in your town.

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Change in format due to the Corona Virus. 

We are not be holding meetings in person until  people are no longer at risk from the Corona Virus.

All the Lectures listed below will be on the internet using the platform Zoom and will be live and interactive.

Instead of the workshops  we are doing the following

  • each workshop evening we will be sharing difference information

  • techniques that will help you establish calmness

  • Share how easy it is to tune into your spiritual helpers and intuition.

  • and much more.

We will store each workshop video on my Facebook page  Enjoy Inner Peace so you can go back and view them as often as you want.

The link for the Zoom meetings will be available soon.

We are looking forward to supporting you to prosper and grow during this global situation we are currently experiencing

Only the events that are currently open for registration show in the booking link.....

My current tour is around Northern and Western Victoria with a friend and colleague Shannon Schilling.

Shannon is an international speaker from Texas USA and grew up on a ranch and loves horses.


Shannon has used these tools and techniques that helped her survive and make the most of experiencing the devastation and loss during Hurricane Harvey.  Shannon's background is of growing up on a ranch where the family had to overcome the challenges associated with ranching, droughts, diseased herds, etc.   She also enjoyed training horses and competing in championship rodeo events.

I, John Shortell,  survived a car accident that I was not expected to survive through using the information we will share in both events....  


Both Shannon and I are excited to share with you  what has worked for us in our lives with the idea that you too can live with less stress...

The Orientation Lecture "Creating Inner Peace" is also called "Man and the Universe." If you would like a sneak peek of what I talk about in the lecture then feel free to read Our Story.

While we are in your town we are presenting Step One the first evening and Step Two the next evening and at the end of Step Two we are organising Step Three for those who are interested.  These are the first three steps towards inner peace.

Step One is the Orientation  Lecture   "Creating Inner Peace". This gives you the big picture of your life helping answer questions like "Where have I come from?", "Where and I going?", "Why am I here?" You also learn how we connect with our intuition & inner guidance or some call it our team of spiritual helpers (angels).


Step Two is the workshop "Experiencing Inner Peace". This workshop is full of great techniques which help you unfold your ESP (sixth sense) and intuition and  support you with your spiritual awakening. Many of you are sensitive and things may have happened in your past that may have caused you to be cautious of your sensitivity.  It is through understanding that fear and concerns disappear.  During the workshop you will feel more secure and more "connected" than you have ever felt in the past, a really wonderful experience.


Step Three is a community study group of techniques, meditation, and exploring spiritual topics to understand yourself better. We ensure that the study group meeting times work for everyone.


People are welcome to register at the door for all of our programs. There are limited seats available so it is wise to register on-line prior to the event as pre-registered people will have a reserved seat....

Our on-line facility is for your convenience... simply read below to view the current programs being offered and register yourself and your friends by clicking on the blue box below ....

  10 March    Melbourne         Creating Inner Peace Lecture

  11 March    Melbourne        Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

  12 March    Lancefield          Creating Inner Peace Lecture

  13 March    Lancefield          Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

  14 March    Bendigo             Creating Inner Peace Lecture

  15 March    Bendigo             Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

  16 March    Echuca               Creating Inner Peace Lecture

  17 March    Echuca                Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

  18 March    Shepparton       Creating Inner Peace Lecture

  19 March    Shepparton       Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

  20 March    Benalla               Creating Inner Peace Lecture

  21 March    Benalla               Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

  22 March    Mansfield           Creating Inner Peace Lecture

  23 March    Mansfield           Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

  24 March    Melbourne         Understanding Reincarnation Lecture

  25 March    Melbourne         Exploring The Fifth Dimension Workshop

  26 March    Ocean Grove      Creating Inner Peace Lecture

  27 March    Ocean Grove      Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

  30 March    Bacchus Marsh  Creating Inner Peace Lecture

  31 March    Bacchus Marsh  Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

    1 April       Ballarat                Creating Inner Peace Lecture

    2 April       Ballarat                Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

    3 April       Maryborough     Creating Inner Peace Lecture

    4 April       Maryborough     Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

    5 April       Horsham             Creating Inner Peace Lecture

    6 April       Horsham             Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

    7 April       Leopold               Understanding Reincarnation Lecture

    8  April      Leopold               Exploring The Fifth Dimension Workshop

   30 April     Torquay                Creating Inner Peace Lecture

     1 May      Torquay                Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

     2 May      Lorne                    Creating Inner Peace Lecture

     3 May      Lorne                    Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

     4 May      Colac                     Creating Inner Peace Lecture

     5 May      Colac                     Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

     6 May      Warrnambool      Creating Inner Peace Lecture

     7 May      Warrnambool      Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

     9 May      Hamilton              Creating Inner Peace Lecture

    10 May     Hamilton              Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

    12 May     Waurn Ponds      Creating Inner Peace Lecture

    13 May     Waurn Ponds      Experiencing Inner Peace Workshop

The blue listed events are two Astro Soul Lectures we are doing, what is Astro Soul?

Would you like John to speak in your town?

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